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My background is in graphic design and I have worked in the Creative Industries throughout it’s period of growth from analogue through to fully digital and consequently had to embrace digital technology, which often underpins my own artistic practice, being used as a tool, collaborator, and recorder of process, enabling me to push my work in new directions.

I take an explorative approach to my work by engaging with the materials, investigating their properties, possibilities and limitations and this process of exploration and experimentation often becomes a collaboration between the material and artist. I enjoy experimenting with processes that demand a letting go of the ability to control the material, and where the results can be reflected on and developed in response to often accidental outcomes – methods and techniques that are more about the visceral qualities of line and texture.

As I move into my professional practice as an Inclusive arts practitioner, I aspire to work collaboratively whilst connecting through making to enable all participants to explore and develop their artistic practice. I aim to design, deliver and facilitate participatory projects and Inclusive Arts workshops that focus on working together, inspiring playfulness, inquisitiveness and exploration. I use experimental processes and approaches, such as printmaking, digital, video, photography, and various combinations of these, enabling participants to engage in multiple processes, providing unique creative experiences for themselves and for the development of their own work.

Please see examples of my recent work here https://vimeo.com/user92344613

I studied Graphic Design at Berkshire College of Art & Design and later obtained a Cert Ed and an MA in Inclusive Arts Practice at University of Brighton. I have over 20 years teaching experience in Further Education, Offender Learning and with Independent Training Providers. I have taught Graphic Design and digital technology skills courses and tutored privately. In addition, I have designed, delivered and facilitated inclusive arts workshops with marginalised groups, including DVLSC and Rocket Artists. I have also designed and delivered participatory projects in galleries including at the Tate Exchange.

The experience of working collaboratively with marginalised groups over the last 2 years has highlighted the importance of Inclusive Arts Practice and the undoubted benefits for all in engaging with new ways of looking, making and thinking.

Undertaking an MA with the core principles of connection, collaboration, and participation during the pandemic has been an enormous challenge but has also afforded me the opportunity (and practical experience) of embracing accessible technology. I have, therefore, researched and explored methods and approaches to enhance the remote workshop experience, not only in facilitating essential connections, but to add value for the participants and stakeholders.